Dear Gamma buyers and other interested public,

we are informing you, that after careful consideration, we have decided to stop all activities related to the Xaurum Gamma project. We have determined that this is currently the only logical and realistic option in order to prevent possible damage to holders and keep their funds intact.

It is currently not feasible to continue the project in accordance with the initial plans, because the two fundamental conditions set at the beginning of the project - the financing and the schedule - have not been met. There was not enough funds raised to complete the project within the set deadline in order that X-Gamma project could be successfully launched and started to generate revenues in the 2018 season. The continuation of the project would pose a risk for the holders, since they could not be guaranteed the preservation of a value in the ratio of 1 : 1, as promised at the start of the project. It also seems fair to us, that the holders do not have their funds tied to a project that is idle, but have the opportunity to redirect their funds somewhere else.

We are still convinced that Gamma is a great concept, but perhaps the project appeared too quickly on the market and did not attract sufficient attention in crypto markets, that have during a period of rapid growth (and, later, unfortunately, falls), opted for riskier and quicker returns in favor of supporting a more long-term project with a real value.

The method of returning the invested funds

Deposits by holders were valued in EUR (1XGM 100 EUR and in later phase of ICO 125EUR) and returned to the same extent as they have been invested. The means are provided by the mechanism of melting, which means that the gamma tokens are returned and destroyed. Holders may choose to return funds in euros or in xaurum priced by the market price at the time.

The funds to return to the gamma token buyers will be provided by selling the villa Rustika, and the return procedures will start seven working days after the villa has been sold. In case the villa could not be sold, the funds will be provided from other sources by 31 December 2018.

It is worth mentioning that all the costs in connection with the organization of the ICO (smart-contract, fees for currency exchange, offices, administration, accounting, employees, marketing, publishing, etc.) has been financed from the project managment's own funds, in order to ensure that the guaranteed value could be preserved.

We thank you for the trust you have shown us and your understanding. We are convinced that we have proven that we are trustworthy, as we are committed to honoring our obligation of returning assets in the amount of 1 : 1 in the case of early termination of the project. This is of course possible because it is a project with real value. In case of a new project in this field, you will be the first to be informed and invited to participate. For any additional information, please contact: or